Jan 162017
Extraordinary Ordinary Time in New Year 2017

Having made it just over two weeks into the new year 2017, perhaps the time has come to make a second (or third) attempt at fulfilling those New Year’s resolutions. What difference, after all, does an arbitrary date on the calendar have to do with making a change in our lives? If a change needs […]

Nov 072016
Election Eve 2016: Last Word on the Next President of the United States

Election Eve 2016 is a time of choosing, and I have made my choice after reaching the following two conclusions: (1) I do not want Donald Trump to become President of the United States; (2) I do not think Hillary Clinton should be President of the United States. However, given the choice between the two […]

Sep 262016

In racially charged early twenty-first century America, we are witnessing a resurgence of the ugly lynch mobs of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. But vigilante justice is not about race. It never was. A lynch mob seeks to circumvent the normal judicial process, which it see as flawed or too slow to act. […]