Sep 192016
Who Do You Think (of) for Your Daily Bread?

If you can read this, thank a teacher. We’ve all heard that one. We’ve likely all read it it. If you were born – and who reading this wasn’t? – especially if you were born after 1973 and post Roe vs. Wade, thank your mother. If you are home schooled, thank your mother for both. […]

Sep 122016
To See the World Right-Side Up, Stand On Your Head

Conflating two fabulous quotes by G.K. Chesterton, only those who stand on their heads see the world right-side up. This paradox sounds worthy of Mr. Chesterton, who was known as the prince of paradox, but it is not exactly what he said. What he did say was “a paradox is often a truth standing on […]

Sep 052016

Labor Day has changed. Which isn’t surprising. The day has always been associated with changes, past and present. For years, the holiday has marked the end of summer. When people more people were engaged in agriculture and spent time outside, a change in seasons meant a change in life’s activities. Once, Labor Day signaled the […]