This is the page for those daring enough to move away from the home page.

Here you learn I have a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master of Arts degree in Ancient and Classical History, over two decades teaching at the secondary and post-secondary level, a wife of 26 years (meaning we have been married for 26 years, not that she is 26 years old even though she looks it), and two teenage sons.

Also, I reveal I was born in Missouri, raised in Texas, educated in Tennessee, and live and work in Kentucky. I am the youngest of two brothers, the 32nd of 34 grandchildren on my father’s side, and the 9th of 10 grandchildren on my mother’s side.

Finally, you discover I believe we must focus on truth, beauty, and goodness; but if you have to pick one by all means do so. It doesn’t matter so much which one you pick, because the one will lead you to the other two. I am finding my way mostly by seeking truth.

Having joined me on this journey of discovery away from the home page, where has your life’s journey taken you?



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